By David Batten-Hill

This Son of York

Book Review

This Son of York by David Batten-Hill is a biography about a man named Edmund Tudor, who is a lover of English history. Although he has already written many historical novels, this one is different because it is based on actual history.

Edmund Tudor

It is not much different from those he has written before because Tudor takes some liberties with his own history. While he based it mostly on the Tudor dynasty of England, much of it is based on Irish and Welsh history as well. He believes that the people of Ireland, in particular, had a great influence on the Tudors. His relationship with the Irish seems to have gotten strained, but he managed to keep his focus on the Tudors, while he added to the island nation’s history.


David Batten-Hill knows how to write an interesting story about a controversial period in English history. He begins the book by providing us with an overview of Tudor history.

He explains why Henry VIII was able to rule England for so long. His main point is that the people of England were not ready for another dynasty.


New Dynasty

The people of England were not ready for a new dynasty, in fact, many felt the Tudors were too rich, and did not have enough to do for the general public. Tudor has a habit of fighting off rebellions and he was unwilling to grant things like tax rights to the commoners.

In addition, many people felt that they were not treated properly by the Tudors. Tudor often took the position that he was going to take care of the people first, before the nobles.

David Batten-Hill makes us understand that the people had been tricked by the Tudors. They willingly gave up their rights. The true rulers were now in charge of England, and only King Henry VIII had the power to dispense justice.

The book is divided into two parts. Part I describes Henry VIII’s reign and how the royal power was used to rule over the commoners. Part II then describes how King Henry was eventually murdered.

The author takes care with the account of English history and all the people who contributed to it. He explains the period of Henry’s reign in terms of the commoners could understand. He provides several vivid descriptions about the Elizabethan era. It is a unique perspective on English history.

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